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Maxfield Bala Creative is a multi-faceted art, design and mural company proudly based out of the San Francisco, Bay Area. As a creative force, our team has effectively translated our client's visions to render impressive visuals, murals, campaigns, and products. Founded in 2015 our unique and quality creative work has resulted in collaborations with some of the world's largest brands and home grown start ups. We believe that a quality creative product derives from genuine artistic talent, creative story telling, and a strong work ethic. Our services offer businesses the unique ability to deliver a genuine experience to their customers and client's desires. We thrive on making creative visions a reality. 

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We've painted commercial advertising murals for some of the world's largest brands and homegrown startups. Commercial advertising murals offer a unique and engaging way to promote your brand and attract new clients. Bala Creative offers artistic collaborations with brands that offer a unique creative experience. Hand-painted murals offer advertising on even the trickiest of surfaces. With International mural artist, Maxfield Bala at the helm there is no advertising concept that cannot be developed or translated to fit your advertising campaign. Learn more about our commercial advertising services including live painting events, collaborative installations and billboard-style advertising below.





We realize how lifeless an office, restaurant, or commercial workspace can be for your employees and clients without the proper atmosphere. At Bala Creative we make it easy to transform your business with our commercial mural painting services. Muralist, Maxfield Bala, and the team have created dozens of hand-painted wall murals across the United States which have enhanced the workspaces of our clients. We are well known for our ability to translate, develop and execute the perfect concept. Learn more about our commercial mural services for your next office, restaurant, or retail project.



Public Art


We believe in the community. Bala Creative often works with Not for profits, community organizations and schools to help beautify our cities and promote the causes we believe in. It's no surprise how transformative a mural can be towards education, property beautification, and cultural enhancement. Learn more about our public art mural services below.

MURAL Locations

Illustration Services

Digital Illustration

And Graphic Design




Born in California in 1993, Maxfield Bala began pursuing art at an early age working under his parent's design business, co-developing toy concepts for companies like Hasbro and Mattel. This position lead to the absorption of pop culture references, creative invention, and powerful iconography. Ultimately expressing itself as a teenager, through various multidisciplinary artistic mediums including illustration, and murals created throughout the San Francisco, Bay Area. Bala quickly recognized arts intense power to resurrect communities and reinvent the common forms of messaging we interact with through the painting of large scale mural projects and artistic collaborations. Known for his collage-like style filled with high detail, bold colors and powerful imagery derived from his childhood Maxfield's murals and fine art painting have been the focus of international exhibits, festivals, and brand collaborations.


In 2015 He launched Bala Creative, A San Francisco based art and design company to develop grander visions for a larger audience of causes and clients. Bala serves as the CEO and Creative Director of Bala Creative working with a team of artists to  create work for the likes Coca-Cola, Sony, and Disney to name a few.

creative director/ 
Lead Muralist


Maxfield Bala Creative has made an immensely positive massive impact towards the success of our product line and the atmosphere of our offices. Bala's branding and mural paintings are coveted by our clients and staff. Five Stars!

-Benjamin Brown

Owner- IC Collective

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