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Mural Location: Petaluma, Ca

(San Francisco, Bay Area)

Our Mission working with Lagunitas Brewing Company was to create a mural painting for their Petaluma, California Taproom and brewing Headquarters located in the heart of Sonoma County. This is the fourth mural we've hand painted for Lagunitas over the years and our second in Petaluma. We couldn't be happier to paint this large scale mural packed with the brand's iconography and hidden easter eggs. Moving from the left hand side of the mural to the right the painting features a monster armadillo attacking brewing towers. Green laser beams emit from it's eyes as octopus arms help take down the towers. Floating eyeballs rest aside large Lagunitas text. A UFO abducts a cow aside the famous orange couch. Another octopus arm holds up a sign reading Petaluma California while Millie, kegs and a chicken with a beer for a head get sucked into a wormhole. The total exterior mural painting is large-scale standing at eleven feet in height and over fifty feet in width.

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