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What we do



Bala Creative paints high quality murals for corporate brands, local companies, private clients and nonprofit institutions  around the world with responsiveness, efficiency, punctuality, flexibility, and a commitment to excellence. As a creative force driven by international mural artist Maxfield Bala we paint murals using the highest quality mural materials and techniques available. Our services include location scouting, wall preparation, mural image development, and mural painting for advertising murals, commercial office murals, commercial activations and private collectors. Were committed to painting the most eye catching, high quality murals possible...


Murals At A Glance

Sonoma County Mural.jpg

Intrepid Travel Mural- San Francisco, Ca 2017

Iceland Mural -San Francisco, Ca 2017

Lagunitas Mural -Las Vegas, NV 2017

Hard Rock /Woodward Mural -Riviera MaYA,

Mexico 2017

Powerade Mural -Los Angeles, Ca 2017

PPD Mural -PEtaluma, Ca 2017

San Francisco Mural Artist.jpg

2 MILE Mural- MARIN, CA 2017

Grant School Mural - Sf Bay Area 2018

City of Petaluma Mural - Petaluma, CA 2015

Who We Are

Maxfield Bala Creative is a multi faceted mural company proudly based out of the San Francisco, Bay Area. As a creative force we have effectively translated our clients visions to render impressive murals towards public beautification projects, commercial campaigns and advert-sing. Founded in 2015 our unique and quality creative work has resulted in projects with some of the world's largest brands and home grown start ups. We believe that a quality creative product derives from genuine artistic talent, creative story telling, and a strong work ethic. Our services offer businesses the unique ability to deliver a genuine experience their customers and clients desire. We thrive on making creative visions a reality. 

Flexible Work Schedules

High Quality Mural Painting

Complementary Mural Estimates

Image Development and mural design services

Award Winning design and

Mural painting

Location Scouting

Powerade Mural - Sf Bay Area 2017

Drop Box Mural - San Francisco, Ca



Big House Mural - Marin 2018

PAS - Santa Rosa, Ca 2018


PAS - Santa Rosa, Ca 2018




Screen shot 2018-04-23 at 1.54.40 PM.png

Kinder Black Top Floor Mural- Petaluma, CA 2018

Recent Murals

Lagunitas Bottling Plant 2015 m.woolsey-
IMG_7598 (1).jpg
Sonoma County Mural Artist.jpg
San Francisco Sign Painter- Maxfield Bal

Lagunitas Couch Trippin' Mural- Azusa Canyon, CA 2016

SRM Hospital Mural- Santa Rosa, CA 2018

Forman Hardware 2017

Bay Laurel Culinary 2016


STRAVA Mural 2018

Penngrove Mural.jpg
Petaluma Downtown Mural.JPG

Penngrove Mural 2018

PDA Mural 2018

Silicon Valley Sign Painting.JPG
Powerade Mural.png

Powerade LOUNGE 2018

Aera Technology 2018

powerade boreal two.jpg

Powerade Tahoe 2017


PDA Mural 2018

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