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Mural Location: Oxnard, Ca

(Southern California)

Our mission working with Visit Oxnard was to create a series of murals for the Oxnard Transit Centers Interior areas. The proposed interior sites for the Oxnard Transit Center murals span the upper terrace of the lobby area and the walls surrounding the main entrance for a series of murals across eleven walls. The murals features an assortment of iconography pertinent to the City of Oxnard and the immediate area. Each scene highlights a unique section of the city. For example the downtown area, Heritage Square, Oxnard beaches, Channel Islands Harbor, and Channel Islands National Park. Additional scenes expand on these locations, the local wildlife, and the history of Oxnard. The murals vary in height and width but make up more than 2000 square feet for a semi-permanent mural installation that will brighten and liven up the transit center for years to come.

"Oxnard's Transportation Center has been graced by new murals by artist Maxfield Bala of BALA CREATIVE. He was commissioned by the city to create two interior, 360-degree murals on the second-floor mezzanine. The murals span Oxnard's Chumash history and agricultural beginnings, to modern day landmarks and points of interest. There is also an entryway collage of Oxnard's beaches and Channel Islands National Park. Bala also created and hand painted a 474-square foot "Greetings from Oxnard" mural on the exterior wall of the train station facing east toward the tracks. Since the transportation center is literally the hub for rail and bus service for people traveling throughout the county, the state, and even the nation, officials felt it was the perfect location for a dramatic artistic vision of the city, it's citizens, and its history."

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