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Mural Location: Redwood City, CA

(San Francisco, Bay area)

Our mission working with Kaiser Permanente and Art advisors was to create a digital mural painting for the Redwood City pediatric department office. Our clients requested a wall mural painting with iconic world sites completed with relevant plants, animals, and fruitful landscapes. Moving from left to right the mural includes St. Basels Church in Russia, the Golden Gate Bridge, Rice Terrace in the Philippines, Mt. Fuji, the Acropolis in Greece, Victoria Falls in Africa, Taj Mahal in India, Pola Island Samoa, El Castillo Pyramid in Mexico, The Great Call of China, and Big Ben in England. All among animals like the Panda, abstract forms, plants, and insects like the monarch butterfly.  The idea was to create an immersive scene in the pediatric waiting room that children and adults could interact with and enjoy. This mural was painted digitally and applied to the wall thanks to the Blow-Up lab in San Francisco. The mural stands at just over eight feet tall and spans over thirty feet wide.

Kaiser Permanente Mural
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