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Mural Location: Haight Street, San Francisco, CA- Rentable Location.

(San Francisco, Bay area)

Our mission working with the Iconic Jefferson Airplane, Jampol Artist Management and Sony Music were to create an iconic exterior mural painting based on The Airplane's "Volunteers" album. Volunteers was the fifth studio album by American psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane, released in 1969 as RCA Victor LSP-4238 and in quadrophonic sound in 1973 as RCA Quadradisc APD1-0320. The album was controversial because of its revolutionary and anti-war lyrics along with the use of profanity. For the album's 50th anniversary we went back to the band's roots in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury District to paint a mural that would celebrate the revolutionary albums cover artwork. Painted on one of our rentable wall locations for advertising murals in the San Francisco area, artist Maxfield Bala spent four days painting this 13'0" H X 36'0" W mural to a variant of requested specifications. Maxfield worked with the band to design the mural around the dimensions of the wall. As a promotional effort, we time-lapsed the mural painting process for future use on social media channels. With thousands bound to see this mural a day, we couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate the album's release and introduce new listers to Jefferson Airplane and their incredible legacy.

Jefferson Airplane SF Mural.JPG
Jefferson Airplane Mural Artist.JPG
Jefferson Airplane haight Sreet MuralJPG
Jefferson Airplane Bay area Mural.JPG
Butterfly Wings Mural
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