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Maxfield Bala Creative is a multi-faceted mural company proudly based out of the San Francisco, Bay Area. As a creative force, we have effectively translated our client's visions to render impressive mural paintings towards public beautification projects, commercial campaigns, school enhancements, and advertising campaigns. Founded in 2015 our unique and quality creative mural painting has resulted in projects and collaborations with some of the world's largest brands and homegrown startups. Our murals have been created all over the world, from mural paintings in snowy Colorado to the sunny skies of Mexico and the urban landscapes in Seoul South Korea. Our unique take on murals allows us to paint murals in a wide variety of artistic mural styles through a contemporary lens ultimately allowing us to deliver a product more desirable to the consumer. It's with great passion and an obsessive drive that our murals, whether it is outdoor mural painting, indoor murals, large scale murals or mural activations. We believe that a quality creative mural product derives from genuine artistic talent, creative storytelling, and a strong work ethic. Our mural services offer businesses the unique ability to deliver a genuine experience to their customers and clients. We thrive on making your mural visions a reality. 

Bala Creative paints high-quality mural painting for commercial, public art, advertising, school, activations and sign painting applications for large scale interior and exterior murals. As a creative force driven by international mural artist Maxfield Bala, we paint murals using the highest quality mural painting materials and techniques available. Our services include mural location scouting, mural wall preparation, mural concept development, mural painting, and mural clear coating. Our mural location scouting provides our customers with the ability to source walls for advertising mural campaigns or the most effective location for your mural. Our mural wall preparations service provides our clients with the ability to paint murals on a wide variety of surface including metal, wood, stucco, and concrete surfaces. Our Mural concept development service allows us the ability to work collaboratively with our clients to create a full-color digital mural design that can be replicated on the wall. With a variety of specialty mural primers, paints and clear coats our murals last longer and keep vibrant. Paired with our mural painting experience and proficient techniques our murals are award-winning. Our UV and weather clear coat sealant service keeps your mural away from harmful weather conditions and UV rays.

Our mural process begins with a complimentary phone or on-site consultation to discuss the project's creative direction, size and parameters. We normally require a photo of the murals site in order to inspect the surroundings and location of the wall. Knowing the surface and surroundings of the wall will allow us to incorporate the most appropriate materials towards the mural painting. Inspecting wall interruptions including windows, power outlets, piping or foliage from trees or shrubbery will help us determine the most appropriate design and mural placement. This consultation is complimentary and will help us provide you with a formal mural estimate. Once we've confirmed the estimate we can begin the concept development process. Based on your parameters we will design an initial design concept that can be followed up with two mural concept revision rounds. We do encounter mural clients with predetermined painting specifications, in this case, we bypass the concept development process altogether. Once the mural concept development has been completed the client has a mural design that will be essentially replicated on the wall. The mural painting process can then begin. Working around your schedule we prepare, and ultimately paint the mural using a variety of the highest mural painting materials and techniques available. While not required we highly recommend sealing our client's mural with a UV and weather-resistant clear coat to extend the life of your mural. 

Runs on Love Mural Painting
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The Barlow Mural
Creative School Mural
Farming Mural
Butterfly Wings Mural
Boxer Mural
rural Mural.jpg

Before and After mural photos do an incredible job demonstrating the power a mural can have towards transforming an exterior commercial area, interior office space, school campus or advertising location. Murals have the ability to bring financial gains, a more effective workforce, and better educational outcomes. It's no secret that a living, work, or education environment curated correctly can inspire, and boost morale that ultimately reflects the outcomes mentioned above. Murals can be an important part of that curation. No one wants to live in a junkyard, learn in a dark room, or work in a gray sea of cubical.  Let us transform your wall with one of our murals.

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