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Bala Creative specializes in custom large scale mural painting for businesses, commercial campaigns, and private collectors. We are well known within the San Francisco, Bay Area for the transformative mural paintings we've created for our long list clients. We believe murals offer businesses the ability to deliver a genuine experience for their customers and clients. Our mural team headed by international mural artist, Maxfield Bala can recreate and develop any artistic vision to ensure high quality, long-lasting mural painting. Whether you're looking for a new office mural, exterior mural advertisement, or an interior mural for home we look forward to painting your next San Francisco mural painting project. 

We realize how important an immersive and creative atmosphere can be to your office, restaurant, or commercial work space. At Bala Creative we make it easy to transform your business with our commercial mural painting services. San Francisco Muralist, Maxfield Bala and team have created dozens of hand painted wall murals across the United States which have enhanced the work spaces of our clients. We are well known for our ability to translate, develop and execute the perfect concept for your mural. Click here or contact us to learn more about our commercial mural services for your next exterior or interior office, restaurant, or retail mural project.

We strongly believe in community. Bala Creative often works with Non-profits, community organizations and schools to help beautify cities throughout San Francisco to promote the causes we believe in. It's no surprise how transformative a mural can be towards education, property beautification and cultural enhancement. With special pricing, the ability to organize painting sessions with the community, and long term solutions let us paint your next project. contact us to learn more about our public art mural services below.

Sign Paintings are an art from in itself and often find there way into our mural projects. Hand Painted signs can offer a longevity, application and looks that vinyl and other sign printing methods cannot. Hand painted signs can be painted on brick, rough concretes, metals and more offering weathered looks and custom sheen that outlast vinyl and ultimately look better. We've painted signs over 100' wide and 25' feet tall so no sign painting project is to big or small.

We specialize in exterior wall murals and interior wall murals for our clients. Exterior mural projects can require specialty paints and clear coats depending on the surface to protect the murals against UV and weather damage caused by the elements. These paints and materials used for outdoor wall murals ultimately depend on the mural wall surface including concrete, metal, stucco, and wood. We strive to have our outdoor mural projects last a minimum of 10 years to provide our clients with a mural that shines brighter and lasts longer. 

We build mural activations for a wide variety of promotional events, festivals and conferences. These activations offer our clients the ability to highlight a product or event in a distinctive and original way. We build out our mural activations in our studio and install the activations on site. Were proud to highlight unique activations like our skateboard deck mural, 3D anamorphic mural and our sculptural mural installations.

Looking for a unique media advertising strategy in San Francisco? Murals offer a creative and dynamic way to highlight your campaign or activation. We have highly-trafficked mural locations in San Francisco and Oakland, California ready for hand-painted advertising campaigns. With rentable mural locations in highly trafficked areas available for three to six-month durations give your campaign a unique and creative experience people gravitate towards. Contact us to hear more about our wall locations big and small. 

We've painted commercial advertising murals for some of the world's largest brands and home grown start ups. Commercial advertising murals offer a unique and engaging way to promote your brand and attract new clients. Bala Creative offers artistic collaborations with brands that offer a unique creative experience. Hand painted murals offer advertising on even the trickiest of surfaces. With mural San Francisco location scouting services, and the ability to replicate complex designs and lettering even the wildest advertisements can be painted. Contact us  to learn more about our commercial advertising services including live painting events, collaborative installations and billboard style advertising in San Francisco.

School murals can make an immense impact towards enhancing a student's learning environment. Bright colorful walls promote an atmosphere students want to learn and grow in over blank white walls. School murals can communicate educational subjects, school pride and positive messages that inform, uplift and form a sense of community. We work with schools to create murals with input from students, teachers and staff and often work with student volunteers to help create murals for schools. Please inquire about our special school mural pricing. 

Companies who want to retain top notch team members need to maintain a top notch work environment. Few people prefer to work in an office with rows of gray cubicles and plain white walls. After a short while that dull environment creates fatigue and a lack of motivation. Office murals provide a creative workplace that employees and team members want to work in everyday. See how we've created office murals for some of San Francisco's biggest tech giants.

We use the highest quality mural painting techniques and materials available to create a mural that shines brighter lasts longer and conveys our client's vision in an effective and time-efficient manner. When starting a project we offer a complementary mural consultation to measure the wall, perform a site survey and review our creative options. Once we've locked in your project we develop artwork for our murals using a series of revisable mural concepts created digitally by our in house team. These mural concepts very closely resembling the final mural painting to ensure a quality product. We paint quickly, with decades of experience allowing us to create the majority of our murals within a week's timeframe. We work around your schedule to paint our murals during the appropriate timeframe. Once finished we often clear coat our murals with UV/ Weather resistant finishes that allow for our murals to look better and last longer. Click below for further information about our process.

A quality illustration can speak volumes for your clothing collection, advertising campaign or event assets. We offer illustration services in a variety of contemporary artistic styles and design disciplines for commercial and private clients lie Strava, Fairlife, and Lagunitas Brewing Company. So whether you're looking for unique package design, large scale wall graphics, or print-ready T-shirts we've got your illustration and design needs covered.

Maxfield Bala Creative is a multi-faceted art, design and mural painting company proudly based out of the San Francisco, Bay Area. As a creative force, we have effectively translated our client's visions to render impressive murals paintings, illustrations, and branding projects. Founded in 2015 our unique and quality creative work has resulted in collaborations with some of the world's largest brands and homegrown startups from around the world. We believe that a quality creative product derives from genuine talent, artistic storytelling, and a strong work ethic. We thrive on making artistic visions a reality and supplying out clients with the highest quality artistic services available. We serve complimentary on-site consultations in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Walnut Creek, Santa Rosa, San Rafael, Santa Cruz, Berkley, Alameda, Napa, Vallejo, Berkley, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Livermore, Fremont, Concord, Hayward, and the rest of the bay area. Live outside the San Francisco, Bay Area? That's all right! We've been serving the international community for years. Contact us and let's create...

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