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Mural Location: San Francisco, CA

(San Francisco, Bay area)

Our mission working with Jack Morton and VM Ware was to create a unique mural installation for the 2019 VM World conference in downtown San Francisco's Moscone Center. The mural painting had to be unlike anything we've painted before and immerse a large audience as the centerpiece of the event. Applying the conference branding we constructed a lightweight 12' x 12' half room installation complete with a floor and ramps. The installation room was then painted applying unique artistic techniques to create a 3D anamorphic mural that almost hovers or hides the 90-degree edge. The mural style requires a unique skill set that when painted correctly leaves the viewer with a highly immersive illusion effect. Leaving the "Make your Mark" and "VM World 2019" sign painting lettering almost hovering above the step-down effect floor. The mural was then clear coated to withstand the ten of thousands of guests posing with the installation looking to take pictures with the instagramable mural.

3D Mural- San Francisco 3.JPG
3D Mural- San Francisco 6.JPG
3D Mural- San Francisco 2.JPG
Oxnard  Ca Postcard Mural.jpg
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