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Maxfield Bala Creative is a multi-faceted mural painting company proudly based out of the San Francisco, Bay Area. As a creative force, we have effectively translated our client's visions to render impressive murals paintings, illustrations, and branding projects. Founded in 2015 by lead artist and creative director Maxfield Bala our unique and quality creative work has resulted in collaborations with some of the world's largest brands and homegrown startups. We believe that a quality creative product derives from genuine talent, artistic storytelling, and a strong work ethic. We thrive on making artistic visions a reality and supplying out clients with the highest quality artistic services available. 



We've painted commercial advertising murals for some of San Francisco's largest brands and startups. Commercial advertising murals offer a unique and engaging way to promote your brand and attract new clients. Bala Creative offers artistic collaborations with brands that offer a unique creative experience. Hand-painted San Francisco mural art offer advertising on even the trickiest of surfaces. With mural San Francisco location scouting services, and the ability to replicate complex designs and lettering even the wildest advertisements can be painted. Contact us to learn more about our commercial advertising services including live painting events, collaborative installations and billboard-style advertising in San Francisco.

t's no surprise that an office environment that doesn't cater to its employee's demographics, safety, or happiness will experience workforce fatigue, higher turnover, and a less motivated team. A boring office landscape of white walls, gray cubicles, and lackluster signage can wear on any employee or team member. It's a workplace that curates a fruitful, comfortable, and inspiring environment that promotes employee retention and a motivated workplace. Mural paintings unlike many forms of office enhancements offer a huge cost-effective impact on workplace environments.

We strongly believe in the community. Bala Creative often works with non-profits, community organizations and schools to help beautify cities throughout San Francisco to promote the causes we believe in. It's no surprise how transformative a mural can be towards education, property beautification, and cultural enhancement. With special pricing, the ability to organize painting sessions with the community, and long term solutions let us paint your next project. contact us to learn more about our public art mural services below.

School murals can make an immense impact on enhancing a student's learning environment in the San Francisco area. Bright colorful walls promote atmosphere students want to learn and grow in over blank white walls. School murals can communicate educational subjects, school pride and positive messages that inform, uplift and form a sense of community. We work with schools to create murals with input from students, teachers, and staff and often work with student volunteers to help create murals for schools. Please inquire about our special school mural pricing. 

Large scale mural paintings offer the opportunity to send a powerful message at an even greater scale. Large Scale murals are classified by Bala Creative as any singular mural painting over 500 Sq. Ft. From the design process to the painting itself large scale mural projects require a different set of techniques, materials, and equipment in order to achieve the desired results. Large scale murals have a heightened level of exposure, often observed by a larger number of individuals due to the sheer size.

Looking for a unique media advertising strategy in San Francisco? We have highly-trafficked mural locations in San Francisco available for advertising campaigns. With rentable mural locations for three to six-month durations give your campaign a unique and creative buzz people gravitate towards. Contact us to hear more about our wall locations big and small. 

MURAL Locations

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