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Mural Location: Petaluma, Ca

(San Francisco, Bay Area)

Our mission working with Casa Grande High School was to create a series of exterior murals which encapsulated the schools iconography and spirit to help students feel a sense of identity and community in their place of education. We worked closely with the Casa Grande High School students and administration to develop a highly detailed school mural filled with the schools colors and important academic subjects. This mural was inspired around the quote "Everyone Has a Place At The Big House." Moving from left to right the mural features a Casa Grande Football Player, Cheerleader waving pom poms, and a Ford Mustang representing auto shop classes. Drama masks and slogan sit in the middle of the mural while soccer players, a trumpet player and paint brush make up the right hand side of the large scale mural project. We worked with students to create this outdoor mural project directing and teaching a group of students on the fundamentals behind the mural painting process. It was important to for the school mural to feature a painterly quality by the students. Along with the mural an assortment of murals were painted on benches to completly transform and enhance the entire courtyard area. Fueled with the idea of building community, we worked with our local sponsor Kelly Moore Paints to get the paints and supplies donated for this project. The mural spans over 40' wide and stands almost 20' tall. To protect the latex, acrylic and aerosol painted mural for years to comewe used a high quality weaher resistant semi-gloss clear coat. 

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