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Mural Location: Tehachapi, Ca

(Los Angeles Area)

Woodward, PA

(Philadelphia Area)

Mural Type: Commercial Murals

Our mission collaborating with Zumiez was to create a fully immersive mural experience in a series of four Woodward summer camp cabins. As a part of the "Zumiez Best Foot Forward" campaign, we decked out each cabin out with 12 unique mural installations. A total of 24 highly detailed murals filled with creative personified creatures straight out of our Creative Director/ Founder Maxfield Bala's mind. Walking into each mural create a fully immersive experience that with the lights turned off revealed a series of glow in the dark elements and characters throughout the space. From Bigfoot holding a boombox to a slime monster wearing headphones or a lizard man drinking a soda this mural is filled with unique characters. Other elements found within these Zumiez Woodward Camp murals include a tree man, a bird boy eating pizza, and a gargantuan alien beast licking an ice cream cone. We painted two cabins for the Woodward West Location and another two cabins in their Woodward Pennsylvania location. Each cabin featured unique elements that would leave these campers hanging out in style.

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