Large scale mural paintings offer the opportunity to send a powerful message at an even greater scale. Large Scale murals are classified by Bala Creative as any singular mural painting over 400 Sq. Ft. From the design process to the painting itself large scale mural projects require a different set of techniques, materials, and equipment in order to achieve the desired results. Large scale murals have a heightened level of exposure, often observed by a larger number of individuals due to the sheer size. Planning to accommodate this exposure and size must be taken into account when implementing the design. We digitally design our murals and keep in mind the size, access, and surrounding area when developing our mural concepts to account for the large mural size and increased viewership. Once we've finalized a design for large scale specifications, the bulk paint purchases can begin. 


Large scale paintings normally require scissor or boom lifts to reach the tops of these large scale murals. We are well versed in handling these lifts and use them as an artistic tool to achieve effects and designs. When lifts are not acceptable such as in situations with tight hallways, rooftops, etc... scaffolding must be used in order to reach the wall surface. However, its not only the trade-off from ladders to lifts that change when painting large scale murals.


Aerosols and paintbrushes are exchanged for airless sprayers and rollers when filling in large swaths of color. fine line aerosol spray tips become fat caps and paintbrushes become rollers. Running through paint cans become an all too the common occurrence and our mindset as painters shifts to accommodate the large scale imagery,