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An Activation Down in Mexico...

We build mural activations for a wide variety of promotional events, festivals, and conferences. These activations offer our clients the ability to highlight a product or event in a distinctive and original way. We build out our mural activations in our studio and install the activations on site. Were proud to highlight unique activations like our skateboard deck mural, 3D anamorphic mural, and our sculptural mural installations.


We have created mural activations for numerous music festivals including San Francisco's Outside Lands, Napa's Bottlerock Music and Arts Festival, and Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California. For Outside lands, we provided a live painting activation that promoted rain collection as a means to water conservation awareness measures. For the Bottlerock Music Festival, we collaborated with local artists and Lagunitas Brewing Company to paint a large scale mural live next to the Lagunitas stage. For Coachella, we partnered with Global Inheritance to develop a series of mural activations that would see recycle bins completely transformed to bring awareness to the festival's recycling programs. 


We ideate, design and build unique mural activations for our clients. We believe that these activations have to be memorable and seldom seen. Our team crafts our activations around the theme of the event and then builds to specifications. Working for VMWare we developed an activation that would play on the tech conference's "illusion" theme. We constructed a 3D anamorphic mural that would form the right angle to create floating letters. We worked with the Hard Rock Hotel to construct a wall made out of one hundred skateboards. The skateboards were then painted as part of a larger mural promoting the event and creating gifts once the boards were removed. Our team can make your activation a reality.

Live mural painting is a dynamic and engaging form of public art that involves creating a mural in real-time, usually in a public location. This type of activation can be an excellent way to promote a brand, generate buzz, and engage the community, particularly in urban areas.

Here are a few benefits of live mural painting:

  1. Branding: Live mural painting can be tailored to feature a company's logo, colors, and messaging, making it an effective tool for brand promotion in bustling and diverse neighborhoods.

  2. Community engagement: Live mural painting allows people to watch the creation of the mural, encourages participation, and creates a sense of community in vibrant neighborhoods.

  3. Timing: Live mural painting can be timed to coincide with events such as festivals, product launches, and other promotions to maximize visibility and impact in the city.

  4. Authenticity: Live mural painting is a unique and authentic way to engage with the community. It is a form of public art that is not easily replicated and aligns with the street art culture of the city.

  5. Storytelling: The mural could tell a story that is specific to the brand or the community, giving it an emotional and meaningful connection to the public.

Overall, live mural painting is an engaging, authentic and an impactful way to promote a brand, create buzz and engage with the community. It is a cost-effective way to make a big impact in a specific location, and it can be tailored to align with a company's specific marketing goals and objectives.

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