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Mural Location: San Francisco, Ca

(San Francisco, Bay Area)

Our mission working with Electric Tour Scooter Company in San Francisco was to paint a mural activation aimed at capturing the perfect photo opportunity for tourists visiting the famed Fisherman Wharf District. The mural is painted in Umbrella Alley off beach street in San Francisco. The mural stands at 11' tall and nods to a trademark aspect of San Francisco's history being the Summer of Lover period in the late 1960s with psychedelic patterns and neon colors pulled from the area. The mural itself features the shape of a Monarch butterfly and offers viewers an interactive shot with the capability to pose as if the butterfly wing is your own. The mural painting will help to raise funds for Monarch Butterfly conservation efforts.

Butterfly Wings Mural
Butterfly Mural San Francisco
Butterfly Wings Mural SF
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