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Mural Location: San Francisco, Ca

(San Francisco, Bay area)

Mural Type: Commercial Murals

Our mission working with Brand Brewery and DHL was to create a mural Instalation for DHL's fiftieth anniversary event to be held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, California. We created the mural to represent the brands history using various vehicles, travel routes and period era items for a groovy, psychedelic look reminiscent of the 1960's and 1970's cultural movements. The mural had to be created on a large scale canvas for transportation and shipment to various event sites in California and Florida and was painted in our studio right here in the San Francisco, Bay Area. The mural features the companies first moving vehicles, new methods of transportation and a wild array of groovy patterns, tye dye and the Golden Gate Bridge. The center of the mural features the DHL logo and planet earth representing the companies global influence on the shipping market. To add even more life to this piece we created this mural with specialty backlight paint allowing this blacklight mural to glow under UV light. An added element that surprised guests as the lights dimmed during DHL's 50th anniversary celebration. The 10' tall by 40' wide mural was painted using spray paints by our team of talented muralists.

DHL Mural.jpg
DHL blacklight Mural.JPG
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