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Mural Location: Santa Rosa, Ca 

(San Francisco, Bay Area)

Mural Type: Commercial Murals

Our mission working with The Galley was to transform what were two rusted out storage containers with a set of murals that wrap around all the nooks and crannies on these two units. The storage units were completely renovated from their hollow metalcore and turned into two insulated office space with a communal deck for events. The Galley is based on Sonoma, California, between the famed Emerald Triangle and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We have an 8,300 square foot facility in Santa Rosa, CA with dedicated space for a large-scale commercial kitchen to produce baked goods, chocolate products, and hard candy and gummy line. The facility will also have a designated area for contract manufacturing of additional products including topicals and tinctures, vapes, pre-rolls, beverages, flower assembly, and packaging services. We hit the high seas for these Santa Rosa Mural paintings using a variety of cool colors, ocean waves, and sea life to reflect the company's seafaring branding. Pulling color directly from the brand's color deck for the coral background and wave accents. Other elements included in this ocean mural include The Galley's mermaid logo, starfish and whale tale. The murals were ultimately coated with a specialty UV/ Weather resistant clear coat for added longevity. When space is all said and done these exterior murals will help create a dynamic and unique look for this Cannabis event space! 

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