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Switzerland Mural Painting

WE need views we need switzerland.

We've painted advertising murals for some of the world's largest brands and homegrown startups. Commercial advertising murals offer a unique and engaging way to promote your brand and attract new clients. Bala Creative offers artistic collaborations with brands that offer a unique creative experience that resonates with consumers. Hand-painted murals offer advertising on even the trickiest of surfaces. With San Francisco, bay area mural location scouting and rentable advertising mural locations were able to bring your project to life in desirable locations in major cities. Paired with our ability to replicate complex designs and lettering even the wildest advertisements can be effectively translated. Contact us to learn more about our commercial advertising services including live painting events, collaborative installations and billboard-style advertising in San Francisco.


Painting a mural means digital content and an experience your customers can connect with. We've partnered with companies like Coca Cola, Sony Music, and Lagunitas Brewing Co to create mural advertisements that worked to fuel digital and social media campaigns. Customers and clients alike want a genuine and unique advertising experience now more than ever that can transcend various platforms. We've broken through the white noise through the creation of larger than life hand-painted mural advertisements. These collaborative works of art use timelapse photography, live painting performances, and artist endorsements to add a dynamic aspect to their overall marketing campaign. Working with Coca Cola and their Powerade brand to create an advertising mural at four Woodward Camps. The advertising campaign entitled "Fuel to Power Through" enlisted timelapse videos, interactive murals, photography, artist interviews, and permanent installations to promote Powerade's messaging. The result was a plethora of content to display on social media channels and five permanent murals continually promoting the brand across the United States.Working with Sony Music and Jefferson Airplane we created an advertising mural at our rentable Mural Location at the center of San Francisco's historic Haight and Ashbury District. The mural spanning over 30' in length allows us the ability to advertise at a scale and in a location where no print media advertising methods are permitted. Over the course of one week, we time-lapsed and photographed the mural process for social media campaigns used by Jefferson Airplane. Along with the social media, engagement stood a hand-painted work of art that actively promoted the hashtag #voulnteers50, ultimately resulting in thousands of impressions a day. Working with Lagunitas Brewing Company we again painted an advertising mural right off the Las Vegas Strip. This advertising mural went where no print media could ever. An aggregate rock wall begging for a fresh coat of paint. The campaign had us paint a 130' wide by 30' tall mural advertising to tens of thousands of the highway daily. We emboldened the campaign with timelapse and photography content ultimately used for social media and website advertising.

Collaboration with artists has been a popular form of advertising for brands. Artists are innovators and help influence and inspire the next wave of trends. We work with brands to form these artistic collaborations in the form of mural paintings. We focus on highlighting the core attributes of the campaign and let the muralist expand on their creative vision. The result is a unique perspective on the campaign, product or brand. We often pair these semi-permanent mural paintings with video content for further digital and social media content.

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