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Mural Location: Emeryville, Ca (San Francisco, Bay Area)

Mural Type: Commercial Murals

Our mission working with the Bay Area Air Quality Management district, Spare the Air campaign, Allison and Partners and Bay Street Emeryville was to create a large scale mural painting to beautify the Bay Street Campus in collaboration with supporting the Spare the Air campaign.  The Air District’s goal is to keep the air for Bay Area residents safe, by encouraging alternative options to single car trips. In the city of Emeryville, we’d like to remind passersby that the Bay Area is an active, inclusive community, with so many accessible options for making your commute and transportation healthier for all (walk, bike, train, bus, ferry, or even a hybrid of bike+mass transit. Keeping this idea in mind we strategically developed a concept to fit a dynamic mural that would work for all parties involved. The proposed site featured a vast variety of surface levels, surface materials and obstructions like doors, vents, railings and lights. These factors called for a dynamic mural design with strategically placed images in order to remove image distortion and effectively promote the values of our artistic vision and the Spare the Air campaign. Through multiple design rounds with input from the Mayor of Emeryville we landed on a colorful design paying homage to the relationship of public transit's ability to create a cleaner environment friendly to the bay area's natural habitats and wildlife. This included the feature of active modes of transportation like bike riding, cycling and electric scooter riding along with more traditional modes like the bus or train. Moving from left to right the mural features a Monarch butterfly and bicycle rider. A rider enters an electric double decker bus as a Great Blue Heron flies by. A cyclist looks back onto reeds breaking way to a Pelican. The mayor of Emeryville's dog pokes in head out from the bottom of the scene while an electric scooter rider paces down the bay front pathway. A Plover bird native to the local wetlands spread its wings aside a California Golden Poppy flower and a large Spare the Air logo. A man takes his bike off the train to the right of this logo while bold colors layered upon one another help to create movement, and depth throughout the mural. The mural took three weeks to complete and spans 110' wide and over 13' tall and was clear coated with an anti graffiti coating to have it outlast the elements. The mural is a permanent installation in Emeryville, California and was painted by our lead muralist, Maxfield Bala in conjunction with our mural team.

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