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School Murals can be an amazing opportunity to teach students important artistic skills and a sense of community through volunteering. Our team has worked with hundreds of elementary, middle and high school student volunteers on mural paintings throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Under our guidance, the students ultimately learn the design, mural wall preparation, and mural painting process. We provide all paints, brushes and professional instruction to ensure a  project. The final result is a beautiful school mural with creative input and artistic aesthetics developed by a talented team of student volunteers. 

School murals can make an immense impact on enhancing a student's learning environment.  Whether we are painting murals for an elementary, middle school or high school it's important that our murals make an important impact for the learning environment of students, visitors and the administration. School murals promote an atmosphere students want to learn and grow in over blank boring white walls. It's no surprise that gray blank walls aren't necessarily inspiring or very communicative. School murals can communicate educational subjects, school pride and positive messages that inform, uplift and form a sense of community within the campus. We often collaborate with schools to create murals with input from students, teachers, and staff.

Some of our favorite school projects hold a dual purpose. We've transformed bland hallways hall into beautiful murals holding education purposes, turning rusted-out storage containers into functional works of mural art. We've turned wall ball walls into durable mural paintings that not only communicate a message but add to the student's fun and games during recess. We've transformed blacktops into a play surface that adds to the learning and play experience of a kindergarten playground. Finally, we've turned blank gray walls into directional signage allowing visitors and new students an easier ability to find their classrooms. School murals are a perfect way to enhance a school campus.

We often offer special mural pricing for schools whenever possible. This price discount reflects our belief in a murals transformative power to a school campus and student's learning environment. Were able to offer this price thanks to our meaningful partnerships with our paint suppliers. Contact us to see if you qualify for our discounted mural pricing.

Sonoma County School Murals
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