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Mural Location: Petaluma, Ca (San Francisco, Bay area)

Mural Type: School Murals

Our mission working with the students and staff of Mckinley Elementary School is to enhance a long 75' x 9' hallway with a mural painting for the school. We developed the idea of an alphabet mural featuring bright colors and images that would represent each letter for a fun and educational look. For Example, "A" featured a painted apple, "B" a painted Boat and "C" a painted cat. The students ultimately painting the majority of their chosen letter giving the mural a painterly quality recognizable as the student's work. The rainbow of lettering absolutely transformed the hallway and is enjoyed regularly by elementary school students. A big thanks to our local partner Kelly Moore Paints for supplying the paint and materials for the students at Mckinley School.

File_000 (7).jpeg
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