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Mural Location: San Francisco, CA

(San Francisco, Bay area)

Mural Type: Commerical Murals

Our mission was to create a series of interior mural paintings and sign paintings around the Intrepid Group office in San Francisco to help beautify the space and inspire their employees and clients. With Intrepid leading curated travel services it was ideal that we help bring that adventurous feel to these murals. We collaborated with Intrepid Travel to paint a mural that features the San Franciso based companies most popular travel destination packages. The interior mural painting includes the companies slogan "Change the Way People See the World" surrounded by painted animals, including a polar bear, elephant, and blue bobby. Painted locations including the Taj Mahal, Egyptian pyramids, Havana homes, Golden Gate Bridge and Australia's Uluru Rock. Other mural painting elements include wildflowers like the Golden Poppy and environments from Antarctica, China, Nepal, and Italy. Other installations aside from this interior office mural for Intrepid Travel include sign paintings and an interactive chalk wall mural at the San Francisco office.

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