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Mural Location: Las Vegas, NV

Our Mission was to create a gigantic commercial mural advertisement for the world renown Lagunitas Brewing Company in Las Vegas, Nevada. The wall itself was an aggregate rock wall leaving us with the task of conquering the tricky surface and turning it into a work of art. The mural features the Lagunitas text logo in the companies signature purple color. Each letter stands over 20' tall. To the right the companies "knock out" character punches a 25' tall Lagunitas IPA bottle through the wall as it cracks and crumbles away. The outdoor mural advertisement spans over 130' wide and 30' tall making for it one of the cities largest sign paintings to date. Completed in under five days to meet a tight deadline this mural painting is seen and photographed by thousands of highway and street side passerby's everyday. This mural is located Right next to the Shelby Carroll Car Museum and just off the Las Vegas Strip this exterior wall. Makes us thirty just thinking about it!

lagunitas mural.jpeg
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