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Mural Location: Petaluma, Ca (San Francisco, Bay area)

Mural Type: School Murals

Our mission working with Old Adobe School District and Miwok Valley School was to paint a mural based around nature and wildlife that helped bring awareness to endangered, threatened, or highly impacted animals around the world. Working together with the students and staff we collaborated on a designed to feature a which included the Jaguar, Western Lowland Gorilla, Koala, and Puffin. These animal species range from critically endangered like the Western Lowland Gorilla to the severely effected due to habitat loss like the Koala. The mural which doubles as a wall ball wall is set on a cool abstract background and has been coated with a highly durable UV/ Weather resistant clear coat to protect the painting from even the most ferocious elementary school games. Muralist Maxfield Bala created another mural on the site of the Miwok School to feature a garden theme complete with the Monarch Butterfly, Honey Bee, Dog Face Butterfly, and California based flowers. The mural takes on a series of warm color as seen in the abstract background. We hope this mural will help the next generation pay attention to wildlife conservation efforts and the protection of endangered species. 

Miwok School Nature Mural.jpg
Miwok School Wildlife Mural.jpg
Miwok School Garden Mural
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