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Mural Location: Petaluma, Ca

(San Francisco, Ca)

Our mission working with Mcnear Elementary School was to develop and paint a mural representative of the school. The original mural painted by another artist had been damaged after years of weather and sun damage. The new mural would be painted with higher quality materials and protected with an archival UV/ weather resistant clear coat to allow the mural painting to last for decades. The mural itself features images and text requested by the schools students and faculty. The Murals composition includes a large postcard style scene with bold text that reads “McNear”. The school’s mascot the Falcon sites behind the text. Each letter is filled with iconic imagery related to the school and its values. These letters include wildlife, art, history, physical education, and preforming arts scenes. The mural spans 30’ wide and 16’ tall at its highest point. 

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