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Mural Location: Eastvale, Ca

(San Francisco, Bay Area)

Our mission working with Public Storage and Clark Investment Group was to create a large-scale exterior mural project that not only beautifies the newly constructed Public Storage facility but a mural painting that represents the Southern California community of Eastvale. Muralist Maxfield Bala worked with the client to create a rendition of the classic "Welcome to" postcard style mural that would highlight Eastvale's History, industry, and community in a fun, vibrant, and creative design. Each letter making up "Eastvale" is filled with an image that helps tell a story pertinent to the city and its surrounding area. The letter E represents the Santa Ana River, The Letter A features a historical photo of Eastvale's historic Schoolhouse. The Letter S includes a pint of milk and a wheel of cheese reflecting the cities dairy industry while the letter T includes a Quail- California state bird. The inside of letter V has various fruits grown in the area like grapes, lemon, oranges, and strawberries. The second A sees palm trees in front of a California sunset and the letter L has four Golden Poppy Flowers- California's state flower in tribute to the area's super blooms. Finally, the inside of letter E includes vegetables grown in the surrounding area of Eastvale.

Los Angeles Muralist Maxfield Bala
Postcard Mural- Eastvale
Greetings from Eastvale Mural
Postcard Muralist
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