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Mural Location: Petaluma, Ca.

(San Francisco, Bay Area.)

Our mission working with Public Storage was to create a mural painting that reflected the best of Sonoma Counties culture, industry and iconography. Based off this creative briefing we applied our signature collage style format to paint a 13' tall by 40' wide exterior wall mural. Moving from left to right the mural features a bushel of grapes to represent the Sonoma Wine Country, a trout is seen flipping out of the water, as a dairy cow is seen grazing to represent the counties dairy industry. Our state flower the California Poppy blooms while while the mustard flower, a prominent flower to the region sprout up aside the dairy cow painting. A hot air balloon often found floating in the northern end of Sonoma County sports the word "Sonoma" in bold letters" while an old pick up truck ships wine barrels and a chicken pokes it head out of the right hand side of the scene. The murals elements are all laid upon rolling hills and a blue sky. This realistic mural was painted by mural artist Maxfield Bala a Sonoma County native. This 13' foot tall by 40' wide outdoor commercial mural project was painted using acrylics, latex, and aerosols spray paints. It was ultimately clear coated upon our clients request to protect against UV rays and weather as well as graffiti. The public art mural can be seen directly off highway 101 North heading towards San Francisco, Ca.

Sonoma Mural.JPG
Sonoma Mural.jpg
Sonoma Mural.JPG
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