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Mural Location: Petaluma High School, Petaluma, Ca.

(San Francisco, Bay area)

Mural Type: Outdoor Murals, School Murals.

Our Mission working with Petaluma High School in Petaluma, California was to create a large-scale mural painting as part of the class gift for the graduating class of 2020. The mural is intended to reflect the graduating class of 2020 while displaying the unique times that the year 2020 has presented upon its students. The school mural features four large scale portraits and a combination of abstract imagery and pattern work. Moving from left to right the mural features a Lacrosse player wearing a helmet and holding an LAX stick, a band student playing saxophone- musical notes hovering above her, a graduating student wearing a PPE mask and holding a diploma- A sign of the times, and a language student surrounded by a French and Spanish book. The mural ultimately combines a multitude of ethnicities involved in various aspects of academic life including, sports, electives, achievements, and studying. The large scale mural measures at its peak 14'0" in height and 31' Wide.. ultimately clear coated with our specialty UV/ Weather resistant clear coat to help the mural last longer and keep vibrant for years to come.

Sports Mural
Class of 2020 Mural
Petaluma High School Mural
Creative School Mural
PHS Mural
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