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Mural Location: Petaluma, Ca

(San Francisco, Bay Area)

Mural Type: School Murals 


Our mission working with PPNS was to create a mural that would transform a large metal storage container in their nursery play area with a vibrant mural. The mural specifically was to feature a scene that would enhance the learning and play environment with the use of kid-friendly images. Turning an industrial rusted metal storage container into a colorful work of art. A Nature theme was determined and developed by our team working alongside our client. Moving from the far left corner to the right-hand side of the mural features a colorful rainbow scene of abstract shapes among a Western Meadowlark bird, native flowers, ladybug, raccoon, Monarch Butterfly, Fruits, and a fox. While containers are always a tricky surface due to the corrugated surface our client was ecstatic with the final result!

Storage Container Mural
Mural Painting on Metal
Insect Mural
Garden Mural
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