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Penngrove School Logo

Mural Location: Penngrove School, Penngrove, Ca.

(San Francisco, Bay area)

Mural Type: Outdoor Murals, School Murals.

Our mission working with Penngrove Grade School was to create a large-scale exterior mural on their canvas that depicts the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Hot air balloons float across the sky in an assortment of bright and bold colors and patterns, monarch butterflies pollinate flowers, while luscious green hills help to set the background. Fluffy clouds begin to consume the golden gate bridge while an old oak tree in the foreground gives way to a local rider watershed. The mural stands at 19' tall and was clear coated with a UV, water resistant clear coat to protect the mural for decades of students at the school to enjoy. The mural altered a lackluster breezeway into an atmosphere that students, teachers and visitors gravitate towards.

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