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Backwoods Bar Logo

Mural Location: Coeur D'Alene,



Our mission working with Backwoods Bar In Coeur D'Alene Idaho was to create a mural painting representative of the local area's iconography through historical, natural, and personal imagery, The mural painted by lead muralist Maxfield Bala is painted in a black and white color scheme across a roughly 35'w x 10' h wall. The mural moving from left to right features a large six point buck in the foreground. Rolling hills and a winding road lead down to the owners Super Sport Camaro. Just above the historical Coeur D'Alene Steam Ferry floats above providing a historical nod to the lake's history. The center of the mural features a bold Backwoods Bar logo allowing those driving down the road to easily notice the brand from hundreds of feet away. The right half of the mural painting shows a bald eagle prepping to fly across the lake- its talons perched on a branch. A boat skims across the lake and a sign hangs from above reading "Welcome to Coeur D'Alene". The bottom corners feature Idaho's State flower. This mural was painted over the course of four days using high quality mural paints and is sealed with a UV/ weather resistant clear coat to protect the mural for decades to come.

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