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Mural Location: Sonoma Hills Farm, Two Rock, Ca.

(San Francisco, Bay area)

Mural Type: Commercial Murals,

Our mission working with Sonoma Hills Farm in Two Rock, California was to create a mural painting that would transform their pump house and provide signage and enthusiasm to the entrance road. The mural ultimately came to feature a variety of images found around the farm including a classic farm truck, rooster, vegetables, fruits, and cannabis. The ornate collage theme filled with bright colors and intricate details helps to draw viewers into what the farm is about. Ultimately telling a story that leads into a large 10' Sonoma Sign on the west-facing end, inspired by traditional postcard text.

Sonoma Hills Farm Murals.JPG
Sonoma Farm Mural.JPG
Garden Mural.JPG
Sonoma Hills Farm Mural PAinting.JPG
Realistic Mural.JPG
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