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Our Mission working with Sonoma Hills Farm was to create a large scale sign painting writing out the farm's name. What was once an overlooked retaining wall is now a colorful and vibrant mural and sign painting that can be seen for miles away helping those find the farm and enhancing the ambiance and branding. This painting spans over 60 feet wide, with letters standing at 4' tall. Ravens, Golden Poppies, Cannabis leaves, and a local butterfly help fill the wall surrounding the lettering. Cool tones and abstracts forms help to create cohesiveness with the pump house mural we painted on the East side of the property. Take a drive out to the county, you may just turn the corner and see this large scale sign painting demanding attention.

Mural Location: Sonoma Hills Farm, Two Rock, Ca.

(San Francisco, Bay area)

Bird Mural
Farming Mural
Maxfield Bala Sign Painting
Large Scale Sign Painting
Sonoma Hills Farm Sign
Garden Mural.JPG
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