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Mural Location: San Francisco, Ca (San Francisco, Bay Area)

Our mission working with Dinsey+ and Marvel Studios was to live paint a mural for the Disney Summer Tour. We worked with Disney+ and Marvel to create a mural design based on familiar characters with storylines based primarily in the San Francisco, Bay Area. Landing on Marvel's Antman and The Wasp, artist Maxfield Bala created a unique composition based on the superhero's portraits, iconic patterns, title text, and city iconography like the Golden Gate Bridge. The Disney+ summer tour activation took place at Pier 27 and featured various tents and attractions including the live painting mural. Over the course of two days, lead muralist Maxfield Bala completed the  7' x 10' mural painting using spray paints and acrylics. The mural was featured on various local news shows, and was ultimately donated to the San Francisco Boys and Girls Club for club patrons to enjoy.

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Marvel Superhero Mural
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