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Mural Location: Novato, Ca

(San Francisco, Bay area)

Mural Type: Commercial Murals, Office Murals

Our mission working with 2K Games and their motion capture division was to create an interior mural that encapsulated the companies most popular video game titles. We worked closely with the 2K games creative team to develop and design a highly detailed mural painting composition filled with movement, patterns, graphics, and characters. From Stephen Curry dribbling down the court in NBA 2K, to The Rock tackling John Cena in WWE Raw and the Bio Shock Characters ready to leap into action. Other elements found within the mural include mobsters shooting their way out of a heist from Mafia the game, Motion Capture suits, and an Alien from XCOM the game. The 2K Games mural painting was created on a large scale panel for easy movement granted the company changed locations in the future. The mural painting was rendered digitally as pictured below and then recreated using acrylics and aerosol spray paints. This mural painting now hangs in their San Franciso, Bay Area location as a solid reminder of the branches' success. 

2k Games Mural Final Image.jpg
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