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Mural Location: San Francisco, Ca (San Francisco, Bay Area)

Mural Type: Commercial Murals

Our Mission working with Stiizy's Authentic 415 Cannabis store in San Francisco, Ca was to create a mural that pays tribute to the store's CEO, Karim Mayfield. Karim Mayfield is a San Francisco Boxing legend and World Title Belt holder moving into the thriving California Cannabis Scene. For this mural painting, we captured a realistic portrait of Karim throwing a punch aside the San Francisco, Bay Bridge. This punch leading to an explosive pop of Cannabis leaves and another portrait of the CEO in his fighting stance. This black and white mural provides a captivating accent to a series of three memorabilia boxes holding title belts and boxing trunks. This painting spans 35' wide and 10' tall at the project's highest point.

Karim Mayfield Mural
Sports Mural
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