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REntable Wall Mural Advertising

Bala Creative offers creative advertising opportunities through our stock of rentable wall locations in the San Francisco, Bay Area. These walls lend themself to artistic collaborations with brands and our team of mural artists. These artistically driven collaborations offer viewers a unique opportunity to promote their brand or advertising campaign in highly traffic areas of San Francisco. Captivating audiences not only after the mural has been completed but during the process itself. See our list of available locations below.

Haight and Masonic St. San Francisco





Standing tall in the historic Haight and Ashbury district of San Francisco this highly trafficked wall location sits on the corner of the Haight and Masonic Streets in the heart of the cultural hub and tourist destination. This location is viewed by thousands daily through the strong foot and vehicle traffic. The wall itself spans 34' wide and over 13' tall at its highest point lending itself to a campaign that cannot be missed. This wall is available for long and short-term periods. Contact us for availability and pricing. 

Featured Wall




Working with local partners we collaborated with the legendary Jefferson Airplane, Jampol Artist Management, and Sony Music to create a mural that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the band's "Volunteers" album. We worked with previously specified artwork to develop a mural that would work well for the wall and promote the hashtag #volunteers50. Over the course of one week, we transformed the large scale wall into work of art seen by thousands daily.

Jefferson Airplane Bay area Mural.JPG
Jefferson Airplane Mural Artist.JPG
rentable location for mural in San Franc

650 Divisadero St. San Francisco








One location, multiple options. These walls stand in the Divisadero neighborhood of San Francisco and include two roller doors (location B and C) and a large sidewall (location A) offering versatility for project budgets, and artwork scale. The large sidewall wall spans 50' wide and 15' tall while the roller doors measure 12' x 12' each. This wall is available for long and short-term periods. Contact us for availability and pricing. 

Location A.

Wall Location A.

Location B.

Wall Location B.

Location C.

Wall Location C.

Interest in our other rentable mural locations for your next campaign? Contact Us

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