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Mural Location: San Francisco, Ca

(San Francisco, Bay area)

Our mission working with Snowflake was to develop a live painting mural activation for the Snowflake Data World Tour event in San Francisco, California. The mural was developed prior to the event in collaboration with the Snowflake team to reflect that idea that data is everywhere and its bounds are limitless. We captured this idea through a composition surrounding Snowflakes branding and brand guidelines. Playing on the idea of Snow, we see a snowboarder, yellow data points carry out from the boarders edge. Snowflake, the company's mascot, adorns the left corner with an image of co-workers collaborating on the bottom left. To heighten a sense of locality a woman captures a photo of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Date cloud patterns, graphs and additional data points and the company logo make up some of the top layers of the piece. The mural was painted live throughout the ten hour event helping to create a unique ambiance and sense of culture for event attendees. 

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