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Mural Location: San Francisco, CA

(San Francisco, Bay area)

Our mission working with CSI-DMC events Company and RSA Security Technology were to design and paint an interior mural during the annual RSA conference in Downtown San Francisco. We strived to design a mural painting that would welcome a large number of conference attendees from outside the San Francisco Bay Area. After a number of revision rounds, we confirmed the Greetings From SF mural design concept. The mural painting includes the Golden Gate Bridge within the letter "S" and the Transamerica Building (a prominent San Francisco skyscraper) within the letter "F" for a fun and playful mural that could be painted during the three-hour event. The interior mural was live painted as part of a dinner party during the Tech conference allowing guests to interact with the mural for those fun Instagram worthy photos as well as witness the mural painting process. The 8' x 8' mural was painted using a specialty blend of indoor waterbased spray paints by local mural artist Maxfield Bala.

Greetings from San Francisco Mural
San Francisco Live  Painting
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