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Mural Location: Petaluma, Ca. 

(San Francisco, Bay Area)

Our mission with this exterior mural painting was to both inspire and remind the Petaluma Police Department of the commitments to their office and the community they serve. Working from a series of department principles determined by the Petaluma Police Department we represented each principal visually. The principles include community, volunteer, leadership, winning attitude, professionalism, teamwork, and excellence.  We represented these through mural painting elements like the American Flag, Petaluma Police Department Badge, vintage police car, motorcycle offer, police officers, dispatch officer, K-9 officer, and a handshake. The mural was complete thanks to a helping hand from a series of community volunteers in the area. A big thanks to Kelly Moore Paints for supplying us with the creative tools and materials to help make this large scale exterior mural project a reality. This Police Department Mural will be a means of inspiration for officers for years to come.

Police Department Mural.jpeg
Police Department MurLal.jpeg
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