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Mural Location: Sonoma Ca. 

(San Francisco, Bay Area)

Mural Type: Commercial Murals, Restaraunt Murals

Our mission was to develop a detailed interior mural for Bay Laurel Culinary's lobby space within their all-new headquarters. The interior mural we were to develop was to feature and incorporate the bay area in the most heartfelt way possible. The owners wanted to incorporate the San Francisco, Bay Area, the suppliers, partners, and the events, locations and personal history that inspires their cuisine and overall mission. The mural painting is a map of the Bay Area and it surrounding areas from Sonoma to Mendocino, Alameda, and Santa Cruz Counties. The mural is packed with dozens of highly detailed images. Some of the notable Images include the Pt. Reyes lighthouse, Oakland Tribune Building, Berkley's Greek Theater, Alameda Cranes, Yosemite's Half Dome, Sacramento Capital Building, Winchester Mystery House, and the Golden Gate Park Windmill. Other elements relating to their culinary suppliers found within the line work mural painting include crab, sourdough bread, Anchor steam Beer, fresh fruits, wines, and cheese platters. These images were painted on a grey background with white line work to create a chalkboard like effect. 

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