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Our mission was to create a series of Mural paintings for the newly opened Belcampo Meat Co. in San Mateo California. The highly detailed line based murals are influenced by the brand's connection to Mt. Shasta California where the companies farm is based. The large acrylic mural spans 35' feet wide and over 8' feet tall while the secondary mural span 15' feet wide by 15' tall. Along with the murals, are a series of sign paintings found throughout the Belcampo San Mateo location. "Our Farms At The Base of Mt. Shasta"!

Mural Location: San Mateo, Ca (San Francisco, Bay Area)

Belcampo Mural San Mateo

Mural Type: Commercial Murals

Belcampo San Mateo Murals
Belcampo Farm Mural
Belcampo Mural San Mateo
Hand painted bathroom sign
Belcampo_Hillsdale sign painting.jpg
Sign Painting on Glass
Belcampo Logo Painting
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