Maxfield Bala

Artist and Designer

Born in California in 1993, Maxfield Bala began pursuing art at an early age working under his parent's design business, co-developing toy concepts for companies like Hasbro and Mattel. This position lead to the absorption of pop culture references, creative invention, and powerful iconography. Ultimately expressing itself as a teenager, through various multidisciplinary artistic mediums including illustration, and murals created throughout the San Francisco, Bay Area. Bala quickly recognized art's intense power to resurrect communities and reinvent the common forms of messaging we interact with through the painting of large-scale aerosol mural projects and artistic collaborations. Known for his collage-like style filled with high detail, bold colors, and powerful imagery derived from his childhood Maxfield's murals and fine art painting have been the focus of international exhibits, festivals, and brand collaborations.


In 2015 He launched Bala Creative, A San Francisco based art and design company to develop grander visions for a larger audience of causes and clients. Bala serves as the Owner and Creative Director of Bala Creative working with companies like Coca-Cola, Sony, and DHL to name a few.


Aerosol and Acrylics

Sports Mural

Sonoma- (13'0"H x 44'0"W) 2019

PHS Class of 2020- (13'0"H x 30' W) 2020

DWTN- (7'6"H x 10'0"H) 2018

Garden Mural.JPG
Sonoma Hills Farm Mural PAinting.JPG

Sonoma Hills Farm (9'0"H x 25'W) 2020


Miwok (6'6"H x 15'W) (2) 2020

Barber-Lee- (7'0"H x 25'0"W) 2019

Powerade- (Various)

Casa Grande- (16'0"H x 45' W) 2019

Hard Rock Riviera Maya- (13'0"H x 16' W) 2017

Petaluma High School Mural

PHS Mural- (8'0"H x 55' W) 2019

Garden Mural- (8'0"H x 65' W) 2020

Authentic 415 San Francisco Mural

Karim Mayfield- (10'0"H x 35' W) 2020

Exhibitions and Installations 


2019- "Faces"- PHS, Petaluma, Ca, November

Size: 10' x 55'

2019- "Volunteers" -Jefferson Airplane, San Francisco, October

Size: 10' x 45'

2019- "Values" -Penngrove School, Penngrove, Ca- September

Size: 16' x 35'

2019- "Make Your Mark 3D" -VM Ware, San Francisco, Ca- August 


2019- "Greetings From San Francisco"- SF Segway, San Francisco, Ca- August

Size: 12' x 17'

2019- "Spirits" Barber Lee Spirits, Petaluma, Ca- July

Size: 6' x 30'

2019- "Jennet Liaw" Strava, San Francisco, Ca- July

Size:7' x 40'

2019- "Rafael" -JLS Deli, San Rafael, Ca- June

Size: 9' x 35'

2019- "The Galley" -The Galley, Santa Rosa, Ca- May

Size: 9' x 100'

2019- "Big House" -Casa Grande, Petaluma, Ca- April

Size: 16' x 45'

2019- "Sonoma" - Public Storage, Petaluma, Ca- March

Size: 13' x 50'

2019- "DHL 50th" -DHL Express, San Francisco, Ca- March

Size: 10' x 35'

2019- "Monarch" -PPS, Petaluma, Ca- January

Size: 8' x 13'

2019- "Welcome to Petaluma" -Public Storage, Petaluma, Ca- January

Size: 13' x 50'


2018- "Hello I'm Aera" -Aera, Mountain View, Ca- November

Size: 8' x 8'

2018- "DWTN 2" -PDA, Petaluma, Ca- October

Size: 8' x 10'

2018- "DWTN" -PDA, Petaluma, Ca- September

Size: 8' x 8'

2018- "Graduation"- PPS, Petaluma, Ca- August

Size: 7.5' x 12'

2018- "Citizenship"- PPS, Petaluma, Ca- August

Size: 7.5' x 12'

2018- "Pride"- Dropbox, San Francisco, Ca- August

Size: 10' x 8'

2018- "Bottlerock"- Lagunitas and Bottlerock Music and Arts Festival, Napa, Ca- May

Size" 8' x 16'

2018- "The Lounge" Powerade and Woodward, Woodward, Pennsylvania- May

Size: 3' x 50'

2018- "Road To The World Cup" RUV and Iceland Soccer Team, Iceland -April

Size: 10' x 15'

2018- "The Austin" The Austin, San Francisco, Ca- April 

Size: 10' x 10'

2018- "Pediatric Mural" Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Santa Rosa, Ca - March

Size: 8' x 14'

-2018 "Creature" Soda Pop Gallery, Yokohama, Japan - March (group show).

2018- "Grant Music Garden" Petaluma City Schools, Petaluma, Ca - January 

Size: 14' x 25' 



2017- "Kindergarten Play Area" Petaluma City Schools, Petaluma, Ca - December.

Size: 50' x 50' 

2017- "Penngrove Panther" Petaluma City Schools, Penngrove, Ca - November.

Size: 8' x 18'

2017- "Woodward Riviera Maya" Hard Rock Hotels (AIC Hotels), Riviera Maya, Mexico -October.

Size: 12' x 12'

2017- "2k Games" 2K Motion Capture Studios, Petaluma, Ca - September.

Size: 4' x 8'

-2017 "Barber Cellars" Barber Cellars, Petaluma, Ca - September (Two-man group show).

2017- "2 Mile Surf Shop East Wall" 2 Mile Surf Shop, Bolinas, Ca - August.

Size: 4' x 25'

2017- "2 Mile Surf Shop West Wall" 2 Mile Surf Shop, Bolinas, Ca - August.

Size: 4' x 25'

2017- "Forman Hardware" Private Client - August.

Size: 3' x 20'

2017- "Intrepid Travel Office Mural" Intrepid Group, San Francisco, Ca - June.

Size: 12' x 12'

2017- "Powdr Office Mural" Powdr Corp. Denver ,Co - June.

Size: 10' x 10'

2017- "Mckinley School Class Murals" Petaluma City Schools, Petaluma, Ca - June.

Size: Various

2017- "Powerade #4" Powerade/ Powdr/ Woodward, Philadelphia, Pa - May.

Size: 9' x 50'

2017- "Powerade #3" Powerade/ Powdr/ Woodward, Denver, Co - May.

Size: 6' x 16'

2017- "Mcdowell Mascot Murals" Petaluma City schools, Petaluma, Ca- May.

Size 14' x 12' (2)

2017- "Powerade #2" Powerade/ Powdr/ Woodward, Truckee, Ca - May.

Size: 8' x 40'

2017- "Powerade #1" Powerade/ Powdr/ Woodward, Los Angeles, Ca - May.

Size: 12' x 35'

-2017 "O+ Gala" O+ Gallery, Kingston, Ny - April (group show).

2017- "Petaluma Police Department Mural" Petaluma Police, Petaluma, Ca - March.

Size: 14' x 35'

2017- "Las Vegas Knock Out" Lagunitas Brewing Co, Las Vegas, NV - January.

Size: 30' x 130'

-2016 "SAAF" South Korean Music and Arts Festival, Seoul, South Korea - November (three artist group show).

-2016 "Green Label" Mountain Dew Tour Pop Up Gallery, Breckenridge, Co - November (group show).

-2016 "Mothers of invention" O+ Gallery, Kingston, NY - September (group show).

-2016 "NBCC" Jacuzzi Winery, Sonoma, Ca - October (group show).

-2016 "Wine Road" Deloach Winery, Santa Rosa, Ca - February (group show).

-2016 "Sonoma County Art Auction"  Scoggin Wines, Penngrove, Ca - February (group show).


-2015 "Culmination" Solo Show, Opera House Collective, Petaluma Ca, -December.

-2015 "Holiday Gift Show" Creative IQ Gallery, San Francisco Ca -December.

-2015 "Holiday Bazaar" Stallone Malone Gallery, Los Angeles Ca - December.

-2015 "Illicit Imagination" Solo Show, Campfire Gallery, San Francisco, Ca - October.

-2015 "Global Inheritance" Los Angeles Brewing Company - April  (group show).

-2015 "OK Cupid?" Upper Playground Portland, Portland, Or - February (group Show).

-2015 "Creativity Takes Courage" Prince Gallery, Petaluma, Ca - January (group show).

-2015 "Proxhibition" Griffin Gallery, Sonoma, Ca - January

(group show).


-2014 "Legends" Solo Show, Prince Gallery, Petaluma, Ca - October (group show).

-2014 "See More" Outside exhibition, New York, NY - (group display).

-2014 "Night Vision" Campfire Gallery, San Francisco, Ca - August (three artist group show).

-2014 "Natives" Solo Show, Heebe Jeebe's, Petaluma, Ca - July.


-2013 "Recycle Miami" Rented Location, Wynwood, Mi - December (group show).

-2013 "2013" Presented by Global Inheritance, Los Angeles, Ca - April (group Show)