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Mural Location: Walnut Creek, Ca.

(San Francisco, Bay Area.)

Our mission working with our private client was to create a mural that could be moveable and represent their family. The Mural painted in lead muralist Maxfield Bala's signature style features a collage of imagery painted in a variety of bold color schemes and layers that help to build movement and depth. The mural was painted in the studio on a series of large-scale artistic panels that together measured 12' wide and 6' tall. These panels allow for easy transportation and movement of the mural if the client decides to move, rearrange their home or store for safekeeping. The mural features a wide variety of images including a portrait, Humminbird, flower bouquets, a beach sunset, and Mt. Rainer. 

San Francisco Mural Comissions
Maxfield Bala Mural
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