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Mural Location: Petaluma, Ca.

(San Francisco, Bay Area.)

Mural Type: Public Art Murals,

Utility Box Murals

Our mission working with the City of Petaluma's Downtown Association was to help beautify the city through a series of murals that would enhance traffic intersections and alleyways throughout the historic downtown area. The murals were painted on utility boxes and storage doors by muralist Maxfield Bala using his signature collage style. The ultimate goal of the project is to help add life to these worn out piece of infrastructure while prevent graffiti and inspiring community members. The ultity box mural is dressed in warm tones with abstract patterns, nature and animals including a snake, quail and bengal tiger. The Storage doors feature a similar composition with green and earthy tones making up a scene filled with abstract patterns, a hawk, crocodile and lady bug. The murals were apart of a larger program which included a wide array of mural artists painting ulity boxes around the Downtown Petaluma area. These murals were painted using aeresols and acrylic paints and clear coated with a UV and weather resistant clear coat to battle off urban and natural elements.

Utility Box Mural.JPG
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