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Mural Location: Petaluma, Ca.

(San Francisco, Bay Area.)

Mural Type: Commercial Murals,

Our mission working with Barber Lee Spirits was to create a mural that symbolizes the company's history and process through the use of a collage like style of imagery familiar to lead muralist Maxfield Bala. The mural's main focus was to enhance the companies tasting area with a burst of color. The imagery within the interior mural painting includes an array of warm colors that give way to a two-headed rattlesnake, wormwood plant, Golden Gate Bridge, hands, crow, California poppies, corn, rye, BLS emblem, and most importantly a bottle of Barber Lee signature Rye Whisky. The mural was painted using aerosol spray paints during off hours to prevent any disruption to the tasting room

Lagunitas Bottling Plant 2015 m.woolsey-
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