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Mural Location: Petaluma, Ca

(San Francisco, Bay area)

Our mission working with The Lagunitas Brewing Company was to develop a promotional mural as part of the brand's Couch Tripping Campaign. We completed this mural within the Brewery,s bottling warehouse location. Beers hustled pass on the conveyer belt as we played down the paint for this mural project, to be used as part of the company's Couch Trippin' beer and musical tour release. The mural features a combination of artist Maxfield Bala's personal style and Lagunitas's set branding features. Ultimately seeing a gigantic armadillo destroying the Lagunitas Brewery and shooting laser beams at the Coach Tripping bus. Within the Bus are the Lagunitas Dog and Little Something Lady hoping to escape the beast as they run down a saguaro cactus. Were thirsty just thinking about this interior mural painting project!

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