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Mural Location: Mountain View, Ca

(San Francisco, Bay Area)

Our mission working with BetterHelp was to create a mural painting for their silicon valley based office in Mountain View, California. The mural for the BetterHelp office is located in the center of their main office on a wall that allows the entirety of their staff to view and interact with the artwork- even from a distance. The painting features abstract pattern work surrounding and a handpainted BetterHelp logo in varying shades of greens. The mural spans 16 feet wide and 8 feet tall and was completed over the course of two days using a series of high quality interior paints. The mural was painted to spec as requested by the team and on a schedule comfortable to the tech office's team. The mural painting replaces the blank white wall with a colorful, energetic and lively composition that we were happy to bring to life. Projects like these help to create an office environment friendly to its employees and prospective clients through an added level of craft and professionalism representative of the brand's core values.

Silicon Valley Office Mural Painting
BetterHelp Mural Painting
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