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Mural Location: Napa, Ca

(San Francisco, Bay area)

Our mission working with Bread and Butter Wines in Napa was to paint an interior mural for their Napa County tasting room. The mural we developed in collaboration with our client features a map of Napa County complete with the local AVA wine areas and notable icons from the region. These icons include a hot air balloon, wine bottle, Silverado road, and local flora and fauna found throughout the area. Expanding beyond the linework and grayscale icons are the outlines of surrounding counties helping to identify Napa's prime location for grape growing in California. The simple illustrative mural helps elegantly accent the beautiful tasting room.

Bread and Butter Mural Napa
Napa County Map Mural
Napa Map Mural
Bread and Butter Mural
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