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Mural Location: Penngrove, Ca.

(San Francisco, Bay area)

Mural Type: Outdoor Murals, Public Art Murals

Our mission working with the County of Sonoma was to create a mural painting that would build community, and rehabilitate a highly trafficked intersection of the Downtown Penngrove California area. The wall was the focus of frequent graffiti, and overgrowth and transformed into a vibrant mural featuring local wildlife. The mural moving from left to right features Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly, Western Bluebird, Pacific Hound's Tounge Flower, Mountain Lion, Baby Blue Eyes Flower and a Mule Deer. All native to the Sonoma County. This mural was painted by lead artist Maxfield Bala using a variety of high quality aerosol spraypaints. The mural was made possible with help from community members and the students of Penngrove school who promoted the idea of the murals creation to the County of Sonoma.

County of Sonoma Mural Before
Maxfield Bala Penngrove Mural
Sonoma Wildlife Mural
Penngrove California Mural
Deer Mural
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